The Magento platform and vibrant development community provide an incredibly powerful, highly customizable Ecommerce engine. With our rich and varied expertise in delivering SEO campaigns for Ecommerce stores using Magento, we have created an approach built to play to the platform’s strengths and provide outsized results.

Ecommerce SEO Isn’t Simple.

As an Ecommerce store, you are in a competitive space regardless of your market or niche. SEO is an integral element in driving high-value traffic with no direct per-click costs that can destroy your margins. A holistic SEO campaign that focuses on the unique features of Ecommerce sites is needed to execute this well. For an Ecommerce store that sells luggage, for example, we would execute SEO for:

  • Broad, “Head” Keywords ("Luggage")
  • Category & Sub-Category Keywords ("Laptop Bags," "Leather Laptop Bags")
  • Brands & Product Names ("TUMI Luggage," "TUMI Alpha Line")
  • SKU-Level Long Tail Keywords ("TUMI Bedford 29291 Style")

How Do We Do It?

At Wpromote, we divide high quality SEO into three broad categories, all of which must be executed well to succeed: (1) on-site architecture and tagging, (2) on-site depth and breadth of content, and (3) inbound links generated from custom, relevant content. Our SEO for Magento Ecommerce stores follows suit:

  • On-Site Magento Optimization: URL structure optimization, category and sub-category optimization, page titles, unique product descriptions, image tagging, and H1/H2 header title optimization. 
  • On-Site Content Development: Creation of rich custom content specifically designed to add depth and breadth to the site and boost authority in category and sub-category realms. 
  • Off-Site Content & Link Development: High-value strategic link building initiatives including guest blogging, infographics, scholarships, badging, and digital PR outreach to build relevant, high-value traffic and inbound links.
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