Also known as “banner advertising” and “display advertising”, online media buying is defined by Wpromote as the umbrella term for any type of online-based advertising. Typically, Wpromote’s online media buying campaigns consist of PPC advertising, buys across individual websites and ad networks, social media advertisements, and even mobile advertising opportunities.

There is no fixed price with an online media campaign. We work closely with you to determine your overall goals and establish the most efficient use of every marketing dollar you have. Generally speaking, however, media buying campaigns begin at around $30,000 per month; lower budgets see the greatest ROI by focusing those dollars exclusively on paid search.

There is a variety of pricing schemes and models available. You can pay per impressions (CPM), pay for each click (CPC), and sometimes pay for actions or conversions (CPA). There is no one “best” way; the formula that works the best for you will be tailor-made depending on your goals. Though Wpromote’s fees are usually based on a percentage of your overall spend, given the right criteria, we can also price directly on a CPA. This means that you pay only a preset amount for each sale, lead, or conversion, and we build the media cost as well as our markup into that amount, thus shifting the risk to us.

We take into account PPC, network buys, dedicated site placements, social media opportunities, remarketing, and more. Determining the allocation of budget is a complex affair. We start with your goals and budget, and then start allocating dollars according to the placements with the highest estimated return on investment. When we reach the final dollar, the initial media allocation is complete. However, that is only the beginning; once the campaign launches and the data starts streaming in, we continuously optimize and re-allocate dollars according to what is performing the best in the campaign.

With a dedicated in-house creative department with extensive experience in designing high-performing creative, we are a one-stop shop for media buys of all shapes and sizes. However, for those clients able to produce their own creative, we can seamlessly integrate with your resources.

Quite simply, Wpromote does it all. We run integrated, cutting-edge media buying campaigns that may include mobile advertising and a myriad of video ad formats. The possibilities, the reach, and the accountability are truly limitless.

Tracking, optimization, and reporting are absolutely integral to running high-performing online media buys. Identifying the tracking and reporting platform, conversion and goals methodology, and frequency and style of reporting are just a few of the key preparatory steps that we work hand-in-hand with you to determine. Ultimately, we are as flexible as our technology is powerful, and we can use a combination of our proprietary technology platform, your current solution, and third party analytics and ad-servers, or any custom solution that will maximize results and deliver the right answers to the right person at the right time.

We have targeting capabilities to meet any goal, whether it be branding and awareness, direct response, new customer acquisition, or customer retention. General targeting capabilities include: behavioral, interests and topics, demographic, predicative, programmatic, remarketing, run-of-network, dynamic, and engagement. You define the audience and we’ll reach it.

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