Wpromote is a market leader in social media advertising, constantly pushing the boundaries of what businesses can achieve online. Keep reading and discover why Wpromote offers the most impactful social media services in New York, and how our expert team of social media managers can help grow your business.

Wpromote experts have long been leaders in the social media industry, especially as it has shifted from an earned to paid focus in the last several years. As one of only five Facebook partner agencies, we have been recognized as leaders in the space and are given access to exclusive alphas and betas, as well as a dedicated account team.

All of our Social Media Managers are Facebook Blueprint-trained and regularly deliver impactful results to their clients. Working with local businesses and large corporations alike, our social media team has the solution you need. Every social media strategy will be custom tailored to your company, ensuring it aligns with your business goals

Still not convinced? Don't take it from us; take it from the businesses who we've helped grow beyond their expectations.


Social media marketing is the use of social media networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote specific products. Many social media strategies focus only on brand awareness through organic posting, while entirely ignoring the paid aspect. Paid has become necessary in recent years as social algorithms favor very specific content and generally require a budget to ensure the target audience is being reached in an effective manner.

At Wpromote, we understand how to effectively tap into both earned and paid social strategies and have been recognized for doing so by many of our clients. Your Social Media Manager will leverage the right platforms and campaign objectives to ensure we are meeting your business goals. Learn more about our social media process below.


To begin, we will immerse ourselves in your accounts to get an idea of what has been tried in the past, and where successes and failures came from. This will give us an idea of a good starting point for our first campaigns.


A deep dive call will allow us to get a sense of both your business goals and what you will expect from your social media campaigns. This will inform us of what the best strategy moving forward will be, what platforms we should be running on, and the proper campaign objectives.


Your Social Media Manager will ensure that the correct pixels have been placed on your website so that we have full visibility into campaign performance, and can effectively build retargeting audiences based on site visitors.


Account Managers will build high-intent audiences that will help to drive results at the most efficient rate possible, and will continually refresh them to ensure there is no audience fatigue.


Having regular calls and reporting will allow us to share overall account performance with you and show how what we are doing aligns with your business goals. Additionally, this allows us to stay abreast of any upcoming initiatives we should be aware of and for general collaboration.


Our Social Media Account Managers will be looking at your account every day and optimizing campaigns to ensure we are maximizing performance. Whether it’s running A/B tests or testing a new platform, you can rest assured knowing Wpromote is maximizing your budget.


Your Social Media Manager will present you with any opportunities for growth as they arise. Whether it is testing a new platform or a new ad unit, you can be confident that we will find any way to move your social media presence forward.

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Websites and apps that allow users to create and share content or participate in social networking.

Organic social media is acquiring traffic through owned social media, using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to drive traffic to your website and engage with your user base. Organic social provides free traffic from your social media following and gives you the opportunity to build a social media community.

Paid social media is leveraging social ads to drive traffic to your website by putting money behind social media posts. Paid social allows the targeting of specific audiences and can help to increase your reach to people you want being exposed to your products or services.

Without social media, you are missing a real-time opportunity to engage and communicate with your audience. Additionally, you are not capitalizing on an opportunity to target new audiences and expose them to your brand.

Check out our blog, where we often have posts on social media topics and news. Also visit Wpromote University, where we have plenty of guides on various aspects of social media.


Wpromote is "Laser Focused On Challenger Brands Looking To Steal Market Share" According To The 2017 Forrester Search Marketing Wave.
Wpromote has been awarded Agency of the Year — SEM in the 2017 Search Engine Land “Landy Awards”.
Wpromote has been recognized and awarded two years running as a Best Place to Work in Advertising & Media by Ad Age.
For 11 consecutive years Wpromote has made the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.
Wpromote prides itself on being a Premier Google Partner, a Facebook Marketing Partner, and a Bing Ads partner.
Wpromote’s Glassdoor ranking is one of the highest of any firm in the country, with 93% of reviewers recommending Wpromote to a friend.




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