At Wpromote we pride ourselves in educating our potential clients, existing clients, and industry enthusiasts on all things related to online marketing. Our white papers will teach you about the different avenues of online marketing, give you must-know tips and tricks of the trade, and ultimately lead you down the path to advertising success.

2014 Holiday Playbook

How To Own & Win The Biggest Digital Holiday Of ALL Time

With the holiday season comes the single busiest shopping time of the year. To ensure your business owns the biggest digital holiday of all time and generates your greatest month ever, there are actionable items you can start working on right now!


10 SEO Myths

Every Business Should Know The Truth About

In the world of online marketing, misinformation abounds – and it gets compounded exponentially by an incredibly dynamic and rapidly evolving world. Most of the things you think you know (but don’t) about search engine optimization, or SEO, may have been true a few years ago but have since changed. This white paper details 10 common SEO myths every business owner needs to forget about in order to become smarter at search engine optimization.


5 Rules To Maximize PPC, SEO, & Social

How The Smartest Marketers Integrate Online Strategies

There is little doubt about one thing that has gone from a slow creep over the past few years to a full gallop: the integration of search, social, display, and email. The thesis of this white paper is that by investing in integrated strategies across these interwoven platforms, your online marketing campaigns can produce results that far exceed of the sum of their parts.


Online Marketing Secrets

Increasing Form Conversion

It is crucial to the success of your online business to increase and ultimately maintain a high clickthrough rate and conversion rate for your website. This is accomplished by inviting visitors to engage with your website and directing them to the end goal, which for the purposes of this exercise, is submission of an online form. The final objective for form conversion is creating an online form that your users will be more likely to complete and submit.

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