Each day, hundreds of millions of people sign on to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and LinkedIn. Members use these online tools to seek referrals and recommendations, communicate about the brands, products and businesses they love (and don’t love), providing advertisers with a medium through which to communicate with their customers. Because of this, social media marketing has become one of the fastest growing marketing trends, with almost 91% of companies using Facebook and 83% using Twitter to promote their brand or company.

With social media, the types of campaigns are endless. From custom profile creation and optimization, to running comprehensive ad campaigns across social networks, to creating viral videos, contests, promotions and more, there are many ways that companies can benefit from social media campaigns.

Gaining Exposure & Buzz.

Social media is changing the way companies communicate with their customers, both existing and potential ones. Their brands can be exposed to a much broader audience than traditional media outlets once allowed. A social media campaign can easily disseminate company information, videos, and stories. Content can swiftly transfer from user to user via the newest social media tools.

Building & Maintaining A Positive Reputation.

Coinciding with branding is reputation management. Social media’s quick communication can help mold your company’s reputation. By responding to a disgruntled consumer in a timely manner, you can easily turn them from a negative dissenter to an enthusiastic evangelist for your brand. The messages you send can help identify you as an expert in your industry, validating your company’s creditability while fostering a positive word-of-mouth reputation.

Increasing Visibility & Traffic.

Employing a social network campaign will increase your company’s visibility across a variety of different Internet platforms. With the easy transfer of information from person to person via social networks and the help of social news sites like Digg and Reddit, your content has the potential to go viral and spread rapidly over a brief period of time. This will drive traffic to your website, giving your company the opportunity to capitalize on the attention.

Important Links & Rankings.

Higher organic search rankings are a byproduct of increased social media activity. Heightened visibility of your brand from social networks will give webmasters and bloggers a greater selection of content to which they can link. This growing number of links will in turn improve your company’s SERP (search engine results page).

Improve Branding & Engagement.

Once a company has launched a social media campaign and created a buzz about their product or services, social media outlets give them a prominent platform to shape their brand. By communicating with your consumers on a more personal level, your company is reinforcing its presence in its industry. Personal communication between businesses and their consumers builds rapport, which in turn develops important word-of-mouth brand ambassadors. This is a simple, cost-effective way to get noticed and remembered by your audience.

Generate Sales/New Business.

Sales and new business are indirect goals and byproducts of effective social media campaigns. Your campaign should not be littered with marketing messages to your social connections. However, shrewdly placed messages occasionally addressed to your loyal base of followers can have positive effects on sales. You won’t alienate customers if your message is relevant and targeted. Be aware though, the primary goal of a social media campaign is to build relationships rather than increase sales.

Gaining Subscribers & Repeat Traffic.

Quick exposure and spiked traffic from sites such as Reddit are usually temporary. In order to capitalize on this increased exposure, your website and social networks will be optimized to retain traffic. This can be done with a simple “subscribe” feature and social bookmarking links. How-to content is also a great way to keep one-time visitors coming back for more.

What Is Wpromote’s Social Media Strategy?

Our team will help you identify the best online social networks for targeting your company’s demographic. We will create and optimize your accounts, tailoring them to the nature of your business, then connect with consumers across the sites. Our goal is to engage users in a meaningful way to ultimately create long lasting connections and ambassadors to grow your brand.

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