While advertisers have long coveted the potential of the massive advertising audience on Facebook, very few have solved the unique problems that come along with using it to achieve ROI, or even determine how to measure results. By combining a deep understanding of what drives user behavior with innovative technology and a fresh approach, we at Wpromote have helped our clients crack the code.

Turning Likes Into Purchases.

For savvy advertisers, driving users simply to “Like” a brand is not enough to warrant significant resources to advertising on Facebook. The value of a Like is nearly impossible to measure, and most importantly, in no way does adding new Likes ensure that your marketing or community messages are reaching your audience: not all Likes are created equal.

At Wpromote, we are focused on what happens after the initial Like. We value users that share content, add word-of-mouth value, ultimately become customers, and contribute to the bottom line.

Where To Send Facebook Traffic.

One of the first major questions that we answer with clients is where to take users that engage with ads: to keep them inside, or remove them from, the Facebook environment. While the correct answer depends on a variety of factors – from user demographic to buying cycle – our understanding of behavior and ability to test real-time variations will determine the optimal answer.

We also pioneered the “hybrid” solution, which allows us to keep users within a client’s Facebook page that includes an integrated shopping and lead generation experience. This solution often produces better results and greater cohesiveness for users than either of the traditional choices.

Facebook Users Are Not Google Users.

One of the easiest traps that advertisers fall into when they attempt to jump into Facebook advertising is to apply their knowledge from paid search – such as high-CTR-producing ad creative – to the Facebook platform. Doing so is a fast track to failed campaigns because it does not acknowledge some of the fundamental differences between Facebook and Google advertising:

  • Google users’ goal is to connect with information; Facebook users’ is not. Ads, therefore, need to draw attention and engage very differently from matching queries to creative in paid search.
  • The thumbnails images in Facebook ads are of enormous importance, a fact easily ignored by seasoned paid search advertisers.
  • “Staleness,” or the declining clickthrough rate suffered by campaigns that reach the same audience with the same ad, is a concept similarly nonexistent in paid search campaigns.

At Wpromote, our understanding of both the uniqueness of successful Facebook campaigns combined with our technology and marketing prowess creates campaigns that are powerful, dynamic, and produce unmatched results.

Expand Your Reach With A Variety Of Ad Formats.

Facebook continues to evolve, and so does their advertising platform and formats. While they still have not offered a platform that follows AdWords – which we would love to see – they do offer a variety of formats.

We recommend testing any and all options and finding out what solution works best for your brand.

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