Wpromote’s Email Marketing Management is a comprehensive service that does all of the “heavy lifting” for you. From strategic planning to email design and reporting, we will take care of every step and strive to achieve the highest return possible. In addition to managing the actual setup and sending of emails, Wpromote can also provide consultation on segmentation and acquisition, plus creative recommendations on how to increase engagement.

There is no ideal list size. We can work with any list you have, even if it’s just email addresses, and we will help you work to grow and segment that list in the future. Some of our clients have fewer than 5,000 on their list while others have over 1 million, and we can accomplish desired results regardless of list size.

Yes. At Wpromote we use Bronto as our primary ESP. We have negotiated excellent rates with the provider and pass these savings along to our clients. If you are already working with an ESP, we can migrate your campaign over to Bronto. If you prefer the provider you are already signed up with, we’re fully capable of integrating our services with your ESP of choice. Our email marketing managers have experience working with many ESPs!

Wpromote will communicate directly with your marketing team to collect assets, create strategic plans, learn about upcoming sales/promotions, and get approval for each email send. We are happy to collaborate as much or as little as your team requests.

We typically send emails 4-12 times per month. These include any sort of promotional email, sales email, or newsletter. We also send strategic repeat emails – otherwise known as remails – that have different subject lines but the same content as previous sends. For Ecommerce clients we can set up lifecycle emails such as a welcome series, win-back emails, transactional emails, and triggered emails that are automated.

Remailing is our term for strategic repeat emails. For example, if a promotional email goes out with the subject line “50% Off All New Summer Products!” we might send the exact same email out a few days later to any subscribers who did not open the first email with a new subject line, such as “Summer Discount Ends Tomorrow. Act Now!” This strategy can increase program performance and help grow ROI dramatically with minimal additional effort.

We will work with your team to implement ways to capture new email opt-ins on and off your website. We will set you up with an ESP and decide from there which campaigns will take priority in order to begin the process of building your email program. Based on your needs, we will use your database to create audience segments and then send out strategic email marketing campaigns specific to those targeted segments. This will help grow your brand and increase touch points with your customers.

An email that is automatically triggered based on a specific event. Examples of events are dates (birthday, anniversary), online activity and purchase behavior (abandons cart, completes purchase, makes an order that requires a future refill, signs up for email), and email behavior (has not opened an email in 6 months, opens every email). The magic lies in the fact that once automated emails are set up, they will run on their own based on the set triggers and require no additional work, other than any testing or optimizations. They allow us to send important communications in real time based on trigger criteria. Automated emails can consist of a stand-alone email, or a series of emails.

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