Email is one of the best ways to nurture customers through the Ecommerce sales funnel. A well-managed and personalized email drip will act as a digital salesman, working feverishly 24/7 to increase sales exponentially.

Developing email campaigns for Ecommerce is the art of taking complex processes and distilling them into something simple. Wpromote will design custom email campaigns perfectly tailored to your products and business. Our clients have had a 38-to-1 return on investment with Wpromote Ecommerce email marketing.

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60% of executives say that email is their best performing channel in regards to ROI

Driving Ecommerce ROI

Optimizing your emails for the greatest number of sales and highest possible ROI will be our top priority. We’ll constantly test and refine a number of factors to ensure the highest open and clickthrough rates:

Timing: The frequency, time of day, and breadth of emails will be evaluated to find the perfect rhythm for your audience.

Segmentation: We don’t just set up segments, we optimize and customize emails to properly leverage the information received.

Creative: Our in-house team can produce effective, eye-catching content, coding, and design for your emails.

Promotions: Enticing promotions will be leveraged in order to boost LTV and repeat purchases.

List Growth: Stagnation is the enemy and our team will provide new list growth strategies to avoid it at all costs!

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