Wpromote will work closely with clients to establish a focus for their conversion optimization campaign. After conducting market research and becoming pseudo-experts in your industry, our testing strategists will discuss specific regions and elements to experiment with and the type of testing that will be completed based on your specific goals.

A/B Split Testing.

A/B split testing compares two different webpage designs against each other: version “A” and version “B.” With Wpromote’s A/B split testing, a new webpage design and layout is created and then tested against the original version of the site to determine the best performing. A/B tests can be completed with a relatively small sample size, and after the first test we can continue testing additional new landing page designs against one another.

Multivariate Testing.

After an A/B split test is performed, a multivariate test can be executed to compare specific elements within the winning webpage. While A/B testing can determine which of the two page variations converts higher, multivariate testing can then test the effectiveness of an infinite number of combinations of elements within the page itself. For example, Wpromote could test various images, buttons, colors, and text designs within a webpage, allowing for hundreds of combinations to run simultaneously. The more combinations we test, the larger the pool of data we collect, providing more accurate information to support our conclusions.

Possible Multivariate Testing Elements:

  • Call To Action Wording
  • Headlines
  • Images & Graphics
  • Font Sizes & Colors
  • Navigation
  • Pricing & Special Offers
  • Guarantee & Security Statements
  • Testimonials & Awards
  • Background Design
  • Button Color & Shape

We’ll Provide Reporting, Too.

Wpromote will provide weekly reports that detail our process and success. Clients will have a clear understanding of which experiments and variations worked and which did not. Our strategists want to make the client knowledgeable and comfortable with the logic behind the development of their final conversion page.

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