Conversion Optimization with Wpromote is a comprehensive end-to-end service. It begins with the research of a client's current website pages, clientele, and competitors. A strategic optimization plan is then derived and multiple new landing pages with varied attributes to A/B test are developed and evaluated until the ideal page has been created. In the end, the client is delivered a better performing landing page, guaranteed.

Wpromote has over 14 years of experience optimizing paid search campaigns to perform at the highest conversion rate possible. We also have a website development team in house that can quickly make changes to your pages, making Wpromote’s Conversion Optimization painless and quick. Lastly, we guarantee our work. We will not stop optimizing your pages until they are performing better!

Almost anything can be tested! Here are a few of the most common elements we test on a page:

  • Call To Action Wording
  • Headlines

  • Images & Graphics

  • Font Sizes & Colors

  • Navigation

  • Pricing & Special Offers

  • Guarantee & Security Statements

  • Testimonials & Awards

  • Background Design

  • Button Color & Shape

Each week your conversion optimization manager will email you a report that details the conversion rates of each page, the estimated chance that the new page(s) will beat the original, the observed improvement, and the exact conversions completed on each page. Your manager will summarize the findings for you and is available to answer any questions you may have about the report provided.

You need to make sure you are already running or are ready to start running paid traffic to your website so that Wpromote can gather stats on performance. If you are not running a paid search campaign but you receive over 1,000 visitors a month through organic traffic, that will work for the testing as well. Also, please make sure that you have an original website or landing page designed. If you need the original page created for you, Wpromote can still help. We will first design the page for you with our website development service, and then begin our conversion optimization process.

Now is as good a time as any! If you are already spending $5,000 or more on your paid search or SEO campaign each month, conversion optimization is something you should start immediately. If you are investing that much money to generate leads online, you should make sure that the website you are sending visitors to is performing at its very best.

Ideally we would want your team to provide Wpromote with your reasons and goals for conversion optimization, your original page files so that we can pull images and text for the new pages, and access to your website in order to add testing code and upload the new pages. If you cannot give us direct access to your website, that's ok too. We can work with your team of website developers to add the new code and pages to your site.

The cost of conversion optimization is determined based on the number of new pages you would like to create to test against your original, the number of regions we will test, and the number of elements that will be tested. Generally campaigns start at $2,500. For more details about our pricing and packages please contact us!

This service is designed to be a 2-4 month process. This time frame is only possible if previous statistics and FTP access are given to us in a timely manner.

No you do not. We can optimize your conversions even if you or another agency is managing the traffic. We will communicate directly with you, the client, if we have any questions or concerns regarding the paid search or SEO campaign.

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