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Wpromote Featured On "Countdown To The Closing Bell" On Fox Business


LOS ANGELES (FOX) – Attending Dartmouth College in 2001, Mike recognized the need for a greater digital visibility for all businesses. Wpromote was born out of Mike’s Dartmouth College dorm room in 2001 as a way to help companies garner and increase their online presence through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. “It was a lucrative hobby at the time,” said Mothner.

During the Fall semester of his Senior year at Dartmouth, Mike went through corporate recruiting for banking and consulting. He had made it to the final round of interviews at Goldman Sachs in New York, when he had a life changing moment.

The interviewer looked down on his resume, and saw Wpromote listed as a successful venture. To call his bluff he asked, “If this is true, why would you want to work here?”

“I don’t think he really expected the answer he was going to get,” said Mothner. “It was one of those little defining moments and something kind of snapped, and I said ‘I think that’s a good point. This is probably not the place for me.’ So if I am going to turn down Goldman, I might as well cancel the rest of interviews, and the wheels were set in motion at that point.”

Wpromote, Inc. now has 65 employees, is a four-time Inc 500 Honoree, and is ranked the #1 Search Marketing Firm in the U.S. (source: TopSEOs.com).

Check out the interview on Fox Business Network here:

Countdown to the closing bell Michael Mothner

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