WINE.COM – THE PERFECT LONG-TERM ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY was already the leading online wine retailer but was plagued by a revenue plateau and needed not just efficiency gains but growth to help hit aggressive benchmarks. hired Wpromote to manage their off-site organic search efforts and their paid search campaigns as part of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.’s Business Goals:

  • Develop and distribute creative and exciting off-site SEO content that will deliver measurable ROI.
  • Lower CPA while boosting ROI through redesigned paid search campaigns.
  • Integrate SEO and paid search efforts to ensure long-term online marketing success.


Engaging Off-Site Content Builds Brand.

Wpromote created new off-site content initiatives ranging from infographics to guest blogs.’s name was woven into the online conversation through organic outreach and link building efforts that also built the brand’s credibility with the search engines. Existing on-site content was analyzed for optimization and improvement.

Revamped Paid Search Campaigns Bring Fresh ROI.

The brand’s PPC advertising was ramped up through a few key strategies. We lengthened keyword lists, optimized bids and spending, performed ongoing A/B ad testing, and used our position as a trusted Google partner to opt’s campaigns into Google AdWords beta tests.

“Our paid search revenues had stagnated and our original agency couldn’t drive growth without sacrificing the bottom line. We were amazed when Wpromote was able to grow our revenues and actually lower our ad spend for every dollar we made.”

Cam Fortin, Director of Business Development


Wpromote’s integrated campaign was a monster success for The brand achieved and maintained a staggering ROI with only slight increases in spend. Paid search brought in over $1 million in additional sales during the holidays, and moved from ranking #8 to #2 in the search results pages for the keyword “champagne,” and saw a resulting lift in clicks.


We increased profitable spend during peak holiday seasons by 352%.


474% increased share of clicks for "champagne."


ROI over 1,000% while spend increased by only 142%.

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