Leveraging Paid Social To Sustainably Grow
Revenue & Brand Recognition

Trex Outdoor Furniture has never been afraid to show its Challenger colors:

The brand knew its products were top of the line and perfectly priced. However, they needed the right marketing to increase awareness of their brand name and the incredible, durable products they could bring into consumers’ homes.

Looking to boost annual revenue and ROAS while also generating expanded brand awareness. Trex knew they would have their work cut out for them. Beginning with a focus on revenue, Wpromote helped to build lookalike audiences, run comprehensive A/B ad testing, and ran popular holiday ad promotions.

Brand awareness efforts focused on highlighting product durability, low maintenance, and an unbeaten 20-year warranty.

Ads went through multiple rounds of copy testing to see which performed the best with targeted audiences.

It wasn’t just about finding new audiences; it was about re-energizing and re-engaging existing audiences, too.

Trex experienced big wins from targeting previous purchasers and their lookalike audiences. Wpromote found that multi-product carousel ad units on Facebook as well as promoted posts performed extremely well.

Innovation, iteration, and dedication won the day.

A successful remarketing campaign helped keep the brand top-of-mind for existing consumers, and the many new campaigns brought in considerable new interest.

A Foundation For Growth

8x Revenue
with only 2x the cost yoy

256% Increase In ROAS
going from 0.68 to 2.42 yoy

CPC Increased Efficiency
even while prospecting
Trex Outdoor Furniture not only met their business goals;
they exceeded expectations by achieving growth and efficiency even during prospecting campaigns as well as significantly, and sustainably, growing revenues.
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