TPC Trainco knew they offered a vital service to industrial workers with their expert training and certification classes. Reaching their target audience required a robust and fully integrated online presence in both paid and organic search. In January of 2013, Wpromote stepped in and has been the agency for the job ever since.

TPC Trainco’s Goals:

  • Optimize the website to create an experience both user and SEO friendly.
  • Integrate paid and organic search to raise ROI while reducing spend.


Engaging Creative Made The Brand More Accessible.

On-site improvements began with title tag and meta description clean ups as well as technical optimizations to make site architecture more search engine friendly. Off-site creative initiatives, primarily infographics, were developed and disseminated to enormous success.

AdWords Optimizations Reduced Costs & Raised ROI.

TPC Trainco’s AdWords account was optimized to raise clicks, conversions, and ultimately revenue while reducing costs. The keyword list was expanded, existing ads were tested, and bids were increased on top performing keywords.

Integrated Search Makes Campaigns Even More Effective.

Wpromote integrated paid and organic search efforts by ensuring each campaign drew from and improved upon the other. AdWords data informed SEO keyword efforts, and landing page redesigns complemented new AdWords ads.


TPC Trainco has received high rankings, an increase in ROI with simultaneous decrease in CPA, and KPI improvements as shown here.


Increase In Paid Search ROI YoY


Increase In Organic Revenue YoY


Increase In Conversions YoY


Increase In Organic Traffic QoQ

Ready To Change The Game?

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