TeePublic already had solid and active Facebook and Instagram user bases, but they wanted to make a huge push on each platform going into the holiday season that would bring in significant revenue without requiring significant spend. To do that, they turned to the social commerce experts, Wpromote, to craft holiday promotions and guarantee a healthy return on ad spend.

TeePublic’s Business Goals:

  • Maintain an average 3:1 ROAS across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Focus on top funnel targeting while maintaining 3:1 ROAS.


Sponsored Ad Campaigns On Instagram Increased TeePublic’s Following By 20%.

One of Wpromote's first efforts was to ramp up a Halloween-centric photo submission contest on Instagram, which focused on a fun, animated video that asked Instagram users to share spooky selfies for a prize. Other designs were also promoted through Instagram, featuring hot pop culture brand names such as Star Wars and Jurassic World, guaranteeing high traffic for the site.

Successful Email Acquisition Efforts Allowed For Further Targeting On Facebook & Instagram.

For 22 days prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Facebook Advertising was used to aggressively accelerate email acquisition efforts. Specifically, lead generation ads were used to incentivize users to sign up, employing auto-fill forms that made the process quick and easy. The email addresses collected were then leveraged in TeePublic’s subsequent holiday email campaign. Costs were successfully kept low at only $2.93 per email.

Wpromote conducted extensive A/B ad testing in order to determine the most effective ad imagery that would resonate with top, mid, and bottom funnel audiences. In tandem with that, we made TeePublic one of the first advertisers to test a brand new targeting method: cross-section targeting. Each ad featured “mashup” designs, and was served only to audiences who had interests in both topics featured in the design.

“Email acquisition has always been a fundamental part of TeePublic's acquisition strategy. In the past it was click an ad, come to our website, and then get hit with an email capture. Now, with Facebook lead gen, we're cutting out a step and our cost-per-lead has gone way down. Wpromote has done a great job scaling this program for us.”

Adam Schwartz, Co-Founder


Holiday 2015 results achieved and surpassed expectations across both platforms. Positive ROAS was met throughout the funnel and even exceeded despite heavy prospecting.


In revenue YoY


In 2015, up 54% YoY


During the holiday season

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