Building An Amazon Presence To Dominate The Outdoor Furniture Market

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A Wpromote partner since 2017, POLYWOOD® knew they could trust their agency team to scope out incremental sale opportunities in Amazon.

Together, POLYWOOD® and Wpromote set out to create a holistic Amazon campaign approach.

Working on the Amazon Ads platform, Wpromote designed a comprehensive full‑funnel strategy.

By optimizing keyword lists and bids to efficiently acquire new customers, Wpromote was able to consistently expand POLYWOOD®’s campaigns while achieving ROI goals.

There were challenges along the way:

POLYWOOD® is a relatively new consumer brand, having evolved their business model from purely B2B to adding and maintaining a fully realized direct-to-consumer channel in 2017, and this debut took place in a field of intense competition. Plus, the brand had to contend with an unfamiliar advertising platform which offered new, different solutions.

Wpromote transformed those challenges into opportunities.

We identified areas with medium-to-low competition, utilized various campaign types to create our full-funnel approach, optimized campaigns to reduce waste, and attained a high level of consistent exposure without sacrificing efficiency.

A Transformation Story

April 2018
increase in conversions year‑over‑year

increase in revenue year‑over‑year

decrease in CPO year‑over‑year
May 2018
increase in conversions year‑over‑year

increase in revenue year‑over‑year

increase in cpo year‑over‑year
POLYWOOD® experienced tremendous growth in sales and revenue, with minimal downsides year-over-year during peak season months. Amazon Ads proved to be a scalable, sustainable profit center for POLYWOOD® that will continue to yield returns.
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