Producing Video Marketing That Performs

High Fashion Home came to Wpromote to relate to their audience.

Knowing the potential of video in digital marketing, they wanted to use it to speak to their target demographic: women age 25-65, many of whom were buying their first home. Wpromote developed an idea that both told a compelling story and enabled Wpromote’s Paid Search team to capitalize on content to deliver conversions.

All aspects of the video were aimed at evoking the audience’s childhood dream home.

Wpromote coordinated each component of the video, including the voiceover, music, and visuals to achieve this goal. The final product generated that same sense of excitement for building a home and everything in it.

The video was not only compelling as an individual piece, but also generated exciting engagement on YouTube.

To achieve this, we took a highly targeted approach by reviewing AdWords’ performance over the previous 12 months and identifying our prime group based on gender, age, and household income. We layered this demo data onto highly relevant audiences: Decor Enthusiasts, In Market for Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining, & Living Room Furniture, and the topics Interior Design, Homemaking, & Furnishings.

Using these advanced targeting strategies, we launched YouTube advertising in August of 2017, and the video prospecting had an immediate, massive impact on brand awareness.

We found direct correlation between running the video in YouTube Ads and increased branded searches within Google (as well as the revenue and profit increases that resulted in these extra searches YoY).

A Transformation Story

Brand Search Clicks Increased 40% YoY

Brand Search Revenue Increased 29% YoY

Brand Search Profits Increased 27% YoY

In addition to the advertising success on YouTube, the video led to a lift in foot traffic in HFH's Houston location.

The video also helped HFH beat seasonality. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, HFH historically did not see revenue gains. With the video keeping up brand interest, we did not see a sharp decline in revenue after the shopping season!

This video is on pace over a 12-month period to drive hundreds of thousands of branded dollars online. Factoring in lifetime value of these new customers that were introduced to HFH via the video, the revenue amount is even greater.

By combining a compelling story concept with advanced paid search targeting strategies, Wpromote and High Fashion Home shattered goals with video.

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