Back in 2004, Google launched a program called Google Advertising Professionals, and Wpromote had to be part of it. According to COO Michael Block, “We jumped on it as soon as we realized this was something that Google was offering.” We wanted major brands to know we had the clout to help them succeed. AdWords certification was the ticket.

Wpromote’s Goals With Google:

  • Create and implement a policy requiring new employees to earn AdWords certification.
  • Become an AdWords Certified Partner with Google.
  • Go above and beyond in exceeding Google’s AdWords and Partner requirements.


Soon after the launch of the Google Advertising Professionals program, Wpromote implemented a new policy: every new hire that would be working with paid search campaigns was required to pass not just one, but two different Google AdWords certification exams: Google AdWords Fundamentals, and Google AdWords Advanced Search.

All newcomers were given one week to study and pass both exams. Wpromote knew this intense period of learning would be a great way to get employees up to speed on AdWords, provide paid search managers with the assurance that their team members could demonstrate proficiency, and also prove to all our clients, current and future, that we put in the work to bring them the best results.

“It’s always so tough to convince major brands to trust their marketing budget to you. We think the exams are an important first step in gaining their trust and their business.”

Michael Block, Chief Operating Officer


As of 2015, every employee at Wpromote who is involved with paid search is Google AdWords certified. We have earned a Google AdWords Certified Partners badge that we display with pride on the Wpromote website, print collateral, and blogs. The badge demonstrates to major brands and potential clients that we’ve not only met but surpassed the stringent requirements Google sets for its certified agencies. We’re the only agency in the nation to be a member of Google’s SEM Council, Social Council, and Client Forum. Our dedication even earned us an exclusive appearance on the Google Partners Hangout On Air. It’s no wonder that major brands like Toyota, Verizon, TOMS, and Zenni Optical have all trusted their online marketing to us.

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