DirectBuy tasked Wpromote both with sustaining and growing lead-flow to their existing franchise-driven business model while helping to reinvent their sales process and value proposition, as well as make the brand relevant and resonate in 2014.

DirectBuy’s Business Goals:

  • Boost online reputation, SEO, and social media engagement.


Customer Journey: In order to optimize media spend and improve member-flow, we set up tracking to link up all touch points down the funnel, from the first time a user passes the lead threshold to appointment setting, presentation, and membership.

Attribution Strategy: In a multi-device, multi-touch environment, we created attribution models to map the customer journey from top-of-funnel (awareness) to bottom-of-funnel (member).

2014 Customer Expectations: We worked with DirectBuy to align their value proposition and sales process with what customers expect in 2014: transparency, the ability to transact online, fast shipping, and price disclosure.

Creative Continuity: Wpromote created new landing pages, emails, and content designed to meet customer intent, provide more tangible information, and also present the opportunity for discovery as DirectBuy transitions to a next-generation sales process.

Triggered Emails Keep DirectBuy Top Of Mind
Continuous A/B & Multivariate Testing
Brand Awareness & Sales Lift With Infographics

“Wpromote is completely embedded in our marketing strategy, extending far beyond their scope of responsibilities. I have been very pleased with the thought leadership, deep data analysis, and forward-looking approach on our complex account. I would highly recommend this organization to other Marketers who are looking to outsource their digital marketing efforts.”

Curt Hillard, CMO


With a refreshed value proposition and creative ad messaging, appointment rate has increased and new member satisfaction is higher.

Online reputation and social media sentiment is improving thanks to greater transparency and upfront information.

Thanks to the early success with Wpromote, DirectBuy has embarked on its largest strategic shift in 40 years: embracing an online-based sales process and member experience.


increase in conversion rate when DirectBuy updated landing page


increase in the open rate of the Welcome Series emails


increase in keywords in top 5 positions within 6 months


decrease in cost FOR new memberS from non- brand PPC campaigns

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