Championing Curacao In Regional Markets Through Specialized SEO

Curacao knew their offering couldn’t be beat: great brands for great prices.

The home goods retailer, hoping to expand into global markets outside of the U.S., wanted to focus on growth in El Salvador. To do this, they knew they’d need a specialized campaign that would thoughtfully maintain an international presence while still aggressively growing regional market opportunities. They knew Wpromote was the only agency for the job.

Wpromote would need to meet two lofty goals

in order to maintain a clear brand focus and international site for Curacao while still successfully introducing the brand to a regional market: increasing organic search traffic and revenue through on-site optimizations, and growing Curacao’s rankings significantly for Spanish-language keywords.

We began with in-depth research into Spanish-language and locally relevant keywords

in El Salvador markets. Wpromote developed a comprehensive keyword strategy based on this research and used that strategy as the springboard for optimizing on-site SEO elements, such as Spanish-language meta titles and descriptions as well as country-specific XML sitemaps.

To aid the off-site strategy, Spanish language content

specific to the dialects of El Salvador was developed to ensure relevancy with the site's local target audience. The on-site SEO elements were bolstered by a link building campaign rooted in engaging off-site SEO and digital PR initiatives, such as guest blogging.

Finally, Wpromote consulted on major technical updates:
Improving Site
Optimizing Internal
Linking Structure
Canonicalization Errors
Improving Site Authority On Search Engine Results

A Transformation Story

Increase In Organic
Search Traffic

Increase In Organic
Search Transactions

Increase In Organic
Search Revenue
In the first six months of their partnership with Wpromote, Curacao saw amazing results.
The brand experienced huge increases in rankings, traffic, and revenue in the El Salvador market they had hoped to engage. Curacao even began to rank for Spanish-language keywords in the U.S., enjoying boosts to their bottom line at home and abroad.
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