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Yahoo, do these jeans make me look fat?

Yahoo has turned into the Cosmo of the Internet. Headlines telling us: how to lose a man or women, how to have fun being single, how to lose weight and how to keep a relationship strong. Since when has Yahoo become the forum for this objective information?

The number one search engine (by far) is Google; however, I still use Yahoo because I enjoy their quick home page articles. They create a visually capturing, easily navigable, and constantly updated page for the latest in news, sports, and entertainment… plus I hear they have a real search engine still. Whenever I turn on the computer for the day, I always hit my quick Yahoo tab and check the breaking news. Plus, if any bear has fallen out of a tree, onto a trampoline and then onto the ground, I’ll know about it.

Basically I’m looking for the important events shaping our lives.

Recently my information seeking has slowed down.

I’m stuck having to navigate past articles giving some expert’s opinion on why men and women act the way they do. These are articles found in your monthlies like Teen, Cosmo, or GQ. The headlines and catchy phrases about relationships are great for those magazines because we purchase and obtain those magazines for those reasons. I’m not saying those subjects aren’t fit for anyone. They just are not right for Yahoo.

Yahoo, please drop the fluff and tell me why Iron Man 2 didn’t recast Terrance Howard. (What’s that about!?)

By the way… ladies, keep him by staying in shape, being available but not clingy, and constantly putting out. Men, keep her by spending lots of money. Just my opinion: perfect for a blog, terrible for the front page of Yahoo.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo: Licensed Relationship Therapist?
  1. Hahahah! I remember when I noticed this…I felt like Yahoo! was becoming some kind of weird portal for desperate women. Well done. 🙂

  2. Grant says:

    Hilarious! Let’s get a bit more serious……more important issues to talk about!

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