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Wpromote’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Division has reached some new highs and started to explode with great rankings and a lot of new clients.

Our feeling is that it is time to:

Boxing Cheetahs

STAND UP AND FIGHT for your rankings.

The internet is the newest jungle out there and it is bigger then the Amazon, hell even Amazon.com is getting close to the size of its own jungle!

SEARCH                      ENGINE                                    OPTIMIZATION

Search Tree

USB Engine GadgetTetris Mirror - optimizing



Plastic Products Manufacturing,  who specializes in the creation of brochure holders and various other plastic products, has been enjoying their rather successful blog management campaign from Wpromote.

A sound proofing expert client, has been displaying #1 Google results for terms such as sound engineered drywall, sound proof plywood, sound engineered drywall, sound engineered ceilings and more.


www.ShreddingHouston.net – On-Site Shred is currently ranking much higher for desired terms, is ranked #1 in GOOGLE for Houston Paper Shredding, Shredding Houston, and Onsite Shredding.

Swingset.com and PlayKids Logo

Our Playground and Playsets client has been ranking #1 for the very broad and difficult to target term ‘swings‘.

ScanDigital.com, whose expertise in Photo Scanning and Digital Video Conversion, has been doing extremely well in their highly competitive search space. Things just keep getting better and better for ScanDigital!

Team SEO News at Wpromote: The addition of several new clients (including some interesting car products and golf pro sites) has necessitated an expansion of our SEO team. To accommodate this necessity, we’ve added some new rockstar writers: Amir, our amazing intern Brett, and the newly helpful John. With Christian holding up the fort for most of our off-site SEO and link building efforts, and my nerdy attention to detail with regards to the on-site implementation and overall direction of our team, the new growth of Wpromote’s SEO division is looking more promising then ever. Though, if you really want to get excited,  you should definitely stay turned to www.wpromote.com/seo.

This, coupled with some upcoming announcements, and soon to be available downloads from the creations of our magnificent programming team makes the future keep looking brighter and brighter here at the best place to work in California (that I know of), Wpromote Inc.

http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/images/2008/07/10/jgWesfN8.jpgYou should watch for us on the big screen while we all watch the Dodgers beat Florida tomorrow night from the stands. Or, just watch the game and support our LA team. Luckily the Dodgers are in a league separate from the Blue Jays, because if they weren’t, there would be some serious problems.

Till next time,

Aaron Kronis – SEO Director at Wpromote Inc.


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