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Wpromote is sponsoring 2008 Olympic Sailing hopeful, Forrest Gay. Forrest is in the process of competing at the 2007 Olympic Trials in the Finn class. The Finn Olympic trials are currently taking place at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club in Balboa California. With 41 boats, the Finn Class will be the largest fleet at the Trials. Forrest recently placed 8th at the Finn North American Championship that took place September 21-23rd at the Coyote Point Yacht club. Forrest of course is favored to win at the Olympic trials, at least by the odds makers at Wpromote. How could he not with this sleek looking boat?
wpromote boat

For the past year Forrest has been dedicating himself to chasing down his Olympic dream and has the full support and admiration of everyone here at Wpromote. Way to go Forrest! We are pulling for you.


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