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In an article printed on June 13, 2008 regarding the agency backlash to the proposed outsourcing of Yahoo ads to Google, Michael Mothner, President, CEO and all-around head honcho of Wpromote, was quoted in the online edition. Mothner mentioned the frightening potential repercussions of a partnership between the Internet’s biggest two search players:

Michael Mothner, who runs a search-marketing firm called Wpromote, said the deal was “really scary from an advertiser’s perspective, knowing that we need Google, and if they decided to raise their prices or assess other fees, they have a lot of power now.” He added: “Even though Yahoo would be a separate entity, outsourcing search is essentially giving the keys to Google. From an advertiser’s perspective, it’s really scary how much it resembles a powerful monopoly over search ads.

We here at Wpromote are very concerned with the search landscape, which seems to remain in constant flux. The only consistency with the search marketing environment seems to be inconsistency itself. Mothner’s comments will hopefully elucidate the risks of a Google/Yahoo partnership to some of the right people. Kudos to Mike for his high-profile quotation; let’s hope that this is just the first of many such opportunities for the company.


2 thoughts on “Wpromote Quoted in NY Times
  1. D-Train says:

    We should print out a bunch of these pictures of Mothner and color them in. We can then hang them all up on a wall…like one of those classy walls in a low end restaurant where a 1st. grade class puts up a bunch of drawings.

  2. Mike B. says:

    These drawings are part of a new series I’m doing called, “Ripping off the WSJ – Chapter 1: Black and White Caricatures”

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