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In a triumph for outdoor furniture maker and retailer POLYWOOD®, Wpromote worked with Google Ads to create market-dominating success through targeted digital marketing campaigns. By focusing on audiences and purchase intent, Wpromote and POLYWOOD® were able to work together to differentiate the POLYWOOD® brand from its competitors, leveraging unique brand messaging and engaging landing page experiences. The Google Ads platform enabled Wpromote and POLYWOOD® to make use of proven products like Search Ads, Shopping Ads, and display campaigns, as well as utilize Smart Bidding to reach the right audiences and demographics. POLYWOOD® saw sales increase nearly 1,000%, and this phenomenal success led Google Ads to create a case study examining POLYWOOD® and Wpromote’s achievement.

Click to read the case study for insight into how Google, Wpromote, and POLYWOOD® all worked together to accomplish true Ecommerce success. Is your brand ready to experience explosive, sustainable growth? Check out what Wpromote has to offer.


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