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I am sure everyone has experienced it, a groggy morning, power failure, late start, late night, nothing to wear, traffic, botched snooze button… whatever the excuse may be, most all of us can run late from time to time. We recently wanted to find a way to motivate our employees to minimize morning tardiness, while providing a fun way of giving back to others.

The solution: Our Kiva Late Fund.

To share with readers outside Wpromote, here is how our new program works. If you aren’t in the office by a set time each morning, you must donate $5 upon entrance to our late fund, each time you are late.  The fund is then collected on a monthly basis and put towards our Kiva fund. For those who are not familiar with Kiva, www.Kiva.org lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. Each time one employee is late and $5 is donated we are 20% closer to a micro loan to help sponsor a developing business in a third world country.

Since we started one month ago, our late fund has allowed us to lend $25 to four different business worldwide. This new program has not only created an incentive for employees to arrive on time, but directly benefits those in need when we arrive late.  Please feel free to view our sponsors.

We are excited to grow our Kiva profile and truly owe this to our wonderful employees!


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