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Greetings, and happy new year!

It is the first day back to work after the holidays and the office is already buzzing with activity. I love it. Not only is this the start of an exciting new year for Wpromote, we are also celebrating the launch of our new website, which went live over the weekend, thanks the the tireless efforts of our web development team, who worked throughout the weekend to ensure a timely launch. Thanks, guys!

Please take a look and let us know what you think in the comments sections below. We are looking forward to your feedback.

In addition to celebrating the new year and the new site, we are also celebrating the launch of MarketLocal, a forward-thinking marketing service that promises to become an integral tool for business owners looking to maximize their online presence in a fast, cost-effective, and creative way.

The first and only end-to-end online marketing solution, not only does MarketLocal offer first-class, customizable, and industry specific websites, it also solves the problem of online marketing, offering business owners a professionally managed search engine marketing campaign to help drive leads to your business.

“I cannot wait to see how our new website performs. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time because it also marks the unveiling of our innovative new service, MarketLocal, which has been in the planning stages for the past six months. Finally, the idea behind MarketLocal has now become a reality.” – Mike Wilde, MarketLocal Guru, Wpromote

Likewise, 2008 also brings a big push behind Wpromote’s SEO services. While not a new product, Wpromote has been working to build a more comprehensive online marketing campaign for many of our paid search clients by adding the element of SEO, which is now highlighted as a distinct offering on the new site.

“Wpromote has recently been working with its current PPC client base and some new, interesting clients in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies with great sites rank much better in the natural search engine rankings, and our goal is to help businesses who are already working online to increase their visibility in natural Google searches and rank higher for their top keyphrases.” – Aaron Kronis, Lead SEO Campaign Manager, Wpromote

Yes, there is a lot to tackle this year at Wpromote. So check out the new site, read up on our services, and as always, give us your feedback by commenting below.

Finally, on a related note, check out this interesting list of web predictions for 2008. There seems to be a consensus amongst the people at ReadWriteWeb that Google is going to take some sort of dive in popularity in 2008, or at least experience some sort of backlash from users in the social networking sphere as they work to compete with top dogs like Facebook and MySpace. Are these predictions at all related to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s infamous “one-trick pony” comment from last year? Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone? Bueller?


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