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Hey folks, Michael Block here, Vice President of Client Services for Wpromote. In February, I flew out to New York to take an advanced version of the Google Display Exam (officially, the Google Certification Program: Display Advertising Advanced Exam), measuring proficiency in advertising on the Google Content Network with visual media. Unbeknowst to me, though, there was a contest afoot the whole time!

As it turned out, the person who got the highest score out of the two test centers in New York and Chicago on February 19th was scheduled to receive a brand new Google Nexus One super-smart phone! Luckily, I had no idea or I would have probably choked like vegetarian eating a KFC double down!

By the way, if you haven’t tried the KFC double down, don’t. Not only is it bad for you but there’s so much chicken that you can’t taste the bacon and cheese! But I digress…

Join me, for a special edition unboxing of the Google Nexus One, a phone that’s more exciting because it was the product of lucubration and a hefty dose of good luck!

Here I am with my package from Google. I wonder what it could be?

Just in case you didn't believe me, here is proof that it's from Larry and Sergey themselves (sort of)!

With a brain mighty enough to best the Google Display Exam, I quickly came up with a brilliant game plan: use scissors!

Success! No box can foil me!

Check THIS baby out!

Edwin said that this shot should be on a bilboard for Google. I don't disagree with him...

Okay, who's the joker who made the box inside the box harder to open than the first box?

Pretty snazzy! Thanks, Google!

Out with the old and in with the new!

Now, to fire this baby up!

Thanks for checking out this unboxing, everyone! To be honest, I’m pretty excited about best my peers at the Google Display Exam, if only for one day. I’m sure they’ll get me next time but for now, I’ll just listen to the sounds of victory. By that, of course, I mean Journey’s “Greatest Hits” on my new Nexus One!


3 thoughts on “Wpromote Gets Highest Score on Google Display Exam
  1. Maria says:

    Congrats! Although I am not at all surprised

  2. Well done Block. Clearly your skills foiled my plan to make you think you won and then dash your dreams with a steroids scandal

  3. Gabriel says:

    Man, this IS really big news…all joking aside, you really chalked one up for the team. I’m sure the exam was pretty darn tough and you pulled it off like a w”PRO”mote!

    Congratulations dude, you certainly deserve it!

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