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haitiI have been in awe of the amount of contributions made and fundraising done across the globe to support the millions of people that have been affected by the earthquake in Haiti. At Wpromote we wanted to do our part to help with this unfathomable tragedy. I decided that in the spirit of giving, and to encourage others to pitch in, Wpromote would match any donation that a Wpromote employee made to help the cause. To kick things off Wpromote put in an initial donation of $500.  Over the past 2 weeks we collected receipts of any donations made.

We are proud to announce that 16 Wpromote employees made donations, ranging from $10 to $200, to various charities focusing on Haiti relief efforts. The donations by employees equaled $760, which Wpromote has matched. The total donation made by Wpromote was $2,020!

If you haven’t done so already we encourage you to make any donation you can, every dollar counts. Thank you again to everyone who donated!


5 thoughts on “Wpromote Donates to Haiti Relief Efforts
  1. becca says:

    🙂 yay! this is so awesome

  2. John says:

    Yeah, very cool. Happy to see so many people willing to give out of their own pockets to help people that they’ve never even met.

  3. Joe says:

    I agree with John. This is what differentiates us from animals. Let’s continue to make the world go round!

  4. Jeff Collins says:

    It’s great that so many people were able to come together in the time of need. Hopefully Haiti is able recover from this horrible catastrophe; I can only imagine the pain and suffering that they are experiencing still.

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