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Back in April, we told you all about our new scholarship opportunity, which would award a Macbook Pro and cash prizes to three talented, driven winners who submitted blog posts about how they would choose to run a digital marketing campaign for their school. Today is the day we would like to recognize those winners and award them their prizes! The first place winner will have their blog entry posted right here on the Wpromote blog, so keep an eye out for the incredible ideas these impressive students have to offer!

So without further ado, here are the winners of Wpromote’s spring 2017 scholarship:

  • 1st Place: Samantha Matuke, who wrote a VR-focused campaign for the University of Minnesota
  • 2nd Place: Jessica Juachon, who wrote a campaign for Florida State University to strengthen women’s empowerment
  • 3rd Place: Logan Ash Barrett, who wrote an integrated campaign for University of Maryland

Samantha was awarded a Macbook Pro and $500, Jessica $750, and Logan $500 to help them with their college tuition and other college expenses!

Here’s the best part: Wpromote will be running this scholarship twice a year so we can do our part to help students of all kinds. The next blog submission deadline will be in late fall of 2017, so keep an eye out for the next contest announcement, and get those digital marketing ideas ready! Congratulations again to our winners.

Want to know everything Wpromote does to support the digital marketing industry? Check out the Wpromote University for educational guides, videos, and more, or simply check out our suite of cutting edge services!


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