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Today at at 9am PST USA’s Women’s Soccer team will be playing in the semi-finals against France for the Women’s World Cup.  USA arrives at this semi-finals game after defeating one of the world’s favored teams in women’s soccer, Brazil.  USA battled back to defeat Brazil after red cards, penalty shots, and questionable calls left USA down one player, and behind by one goal with only minutes left to play.  Solo, USA’s goal keeper, summarized the last few moments of their match against Brazil well with this quote, “Even when we were a player down and a goal behind in extra time, you sensed that something was going to happen, the team kept fighting.”

If you want to stay up to the moment with insights from soccer analysts, team members, and fans log on to Twitter.  Twitter will be a great place to begin your search for experts in the field of Women’s soccer.  Use the “Who To Follow” function on Twitter, type in searches like “Women’s World Cup” to follow influential tweeters like karalang15, and alexilalas22.  If you want to follow key terms, or hash tags on twitter, but you are not entirely sure how to find relevant hash tags, go on to HashTags.org, or search on Twitter.  My favorite hash tag to follow so far is #USAWNT, those are some fired up fans.  If following updates from twitter is not enough log on to ESPN 3 for live coverage online.

Twitter can be a great tool for SEO as well.  All of this research that I did to find conversation leaders on the topic of Women’s Soccer can be applied to any topic.  Let’s say I had a client that owned a dog walking company, and he needed to find blogs to guest blog on.  I would search for “dog walking” and I would be presented with recent tweets from @heavenscentpets, and suggestions to follow @DogBoysDogRanch.  Both of these Tweeters have websites that also run websites applicable to a link building campaign for my dog walking client.  If you want to keep an eye on conversation starters in a specific niche on Twitter use a free tool from Row Feeder.  Row Feeder allows users to track the engagement with a certain term by illustrating key words associated with a term, how many tweets were sent with that term, when they were sent, who the most popular people were who used your term, and much more.  Row Feeder exports all of this information into a neat Excel page as well.  They also have a paid version which I am sure is capable of a few more handy things.

So while you are researching your blog reach out today get patriotic, watch USA compete to be the number one team in the world.  If you are not entirely fired up yet maybe this video posted by Alex Morgan will help.  #USAWNT!


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    Well, Twitter connects both areas when it comes to updates on information.

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