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Let’s talk about Dribbble. For those who aren’t familiar, Dribbble is an invite-only online community for designers to showcase their work, get inspiration, and connect and collaborate with others. Becoming a member (i.e. “Prospect”) is open to all, however being able to post your work (i.e. becoming a “Player”) is by invitation only. Some wait years (as I did) to get an invite. That is why I’m excited to announce our Dribbble Invite Giveaway!

Now, those familiar with Wpromote know we recently moved into our brand new office! While everything is coming together and we start to settle in, one thing is apparent: our 17 conference and breakout rooms need to be labeled.


The Assignment:

Create 2 conference room name designs of your choice. The finished product will be vinyl-cut decals applied to both glass and painted surfaces. Names should be larger horizontally than vertically. Files should be submitted in .ai format. Our conference room names are as follows: Roberts, Rugen, Google, Humperdinck, Dawn’s Place, Fire Swamp, Cliffs Of Insanity, The Castle, Fezzik, Buttercup, Montoya, Florin, Guilder, Miracle Max’s, Grandson, Grandpa, and Training Room. If you hadn’t noticed, we have a big Princess Bride theme going on here. Although we have a strong naming theme, we’d like the designs to be juxtaposed to the Princess Bride theme. Some words that describe our vision for this are: typographic, hand-lettering, fresh, modern, fun, and detailed.



How To Enter:

1. Retweet this blog post

2. Follow Wpromote on Facebook

3. Email your designs to jenny@wpromote.com with the subject line Dribbble Invite Giveaway

4. Include in the email your Dribbble prospect name

Winner will be chosen at noon on 8/7/15.



We will pick our favorite design to determine the winner. We may however, still use a non-winning design, or an adaptation of it. Just think, even if you aren’t a winner, your design will be up on our walls for our 200+ employees to see, and some pretty big clients too!



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