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Greetings folks, and Happy Monday! A lot happened this weekend, the biggest thing of course being the time change. I still for the life of me can’t figure out why they call pushing the clocks forward an hour ‘springing ahead’ because it feels just like the opposite. Even though it means longer days and warmer nights, losing an hour always makes me feel a little bit out of sorts.

Spring ahead?

That being said, there is good news for writers like me, and it has to do with this lovely thing many like to call an economic downturn, or for those less versed in euphemisms, a recession. Despite ad budgets being slashed across verticals and sales teams shrinking in size, savvy entrepreneurs and marketers are recognizing that while the value of the dollar descends and the Dow loses points faster than you can say ‘stock market,’ one thing that holds steady is the value of good content.

What is content really worth?

The value of content

I know many have argued the Internet age has devalued content by making it free to anyone with a browser and connection, but the merits of such an argument are dubious. It’s true that some may look at content as little more than filler, and then there are those who hate to read, don’t like music, never watch movies, etc. But these people represent a small minority. Most human beings have an intimate relationship with content, relying on it as a way to enrich, experience, and understand their lives.

Moreover, whether or not the value of good content has been diluted by the abundance of mediocrity that has come with the Internet is a question I’ll leave others to answer. I know that no matter how many poorly written articles are out there, it won’t compromise my ability to write…so why complain?

The role of content in advertising

Online advertising relies on content

The role of content in advertising is simple: advertisers require content as a necessity.

Without magazines, websites, radio shows, sitcoms, and movies, how would advertisers peddle products and distribute ads?

Content is here to stay, at least for awhile, and those who write, produce, and/or execute it well in some way or another will continue in demand as advertisers and publishers struggle to drive web traffic with reliable methods: providing information and distributing entertainment. Perhaps this  demand for traffic in an oversaturated market explains the recent success enjoyed by niche content sites who are seeing revenues increase as marketers scramble for inexpensive, highly-targeted media destinations for their ads.

Why are niche media sites doing so well?

Niche sites are attractive to advertisers

In addition to the fact that brands are looking for less expensive, more targeted ways to advertise, another reason behind increased revenues at niche media sites is the low overhead they carry. Whether publishers share their content with larger portals in return for 3rd party or pay writers based on the traffic they generate à la Gawker Media, niche media sites are modeled to allow for maximum flexibility and the highest possible profits.

What does this mean for writers? Get to work. The advertising industry needs you.

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3 thoughts on “When Content = $$: Why Niche Sites Are Making Money
  1. twitteriffic says:

    I got up early just to find out that twitter is down? at least it was sunny driving home.

  2. Amanda Moshier says:

    Hi twitteriffic!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Yea there are more ways to advertise at a low cost

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