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I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet cause it’s the witching hour and there’s a planet of the apes marathon on AMC just screaming my name.

Search Engine Round Table churned out an article earlier today about a new development in the search world that shows you whether or not your site was penalized by the latest in Google’s swath of algorithm shifts (ominously dubbed “Penguin“).

The melee in this post was all over a supposed Google “hack query” that allowed you to show your rankings as they were before penguin hit by simply adding a “-amazon” after the query. (popularly referred to as a “negative parameter” in “Nerd-ese”)

Example: Your site used to rank for “blue smurfs” (I hate widgets) but no longer does… just enter the query

blue smurfs -amazon into the Google search engine and you’ll get your old SERP back…

I played with it a bit and wasn’t totally convinced that it gives the corrected results of showing a pre-penguin SERP. However, you can still have a little bit of fun with this “rogue operator,” even if it doesn’t have anything to do with reviewing lost rankings.

If you do a Google search for electronics


Then Amazon is all up in your business… but a simple tweaking of your query into electronics -amazon


And Voila! Amazon is gone. Pretty cool, huh? But wait… I’m not done yet. This query can be combined with other domains you want to omit into one search. See the Frys.com, Walmart.com and Wikipedia.com results still lingering? Enter electronics -amazon -frys -walmart -wikipedia into the engine and…


And like that, they’re gone! And for my next trick, I am going to make Amazon.com disappear from Google altogether!


I haven’t tried omitting an entire first page from a query, (like I said, apes marathon… gotta go) but this operator is more for fun than anything else. It is (however) always kind of enlightening to see where you would show up in Google for a specific keyword if your competition were to not exist in the index at all.


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