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Social Media Optimization? Search Engine Optimization?

SMO, SEO, PPC(pay-per-click), what is all this stuff for?
Social media optimization is a combination of using different social media networking profiles combined with humans interacting on a ‘social level’ to increase traffic and awareness.

For example, if your website has easy to use features or buttons to help people ‘share’ your story on something such as their Facebook profile, chances are that interested people may just do that. Take advantage of people’s addictions to Facebook.

I mean on several occasions I have had to grab a browser or cell phone to quickly ‘Tweet’ (send a twitter message) to my followers to let them know some information (i.e. the start time for a show or event, or perhaps to send out a warning about some type of computer glitch that could allow people to be exploited online) and to update Facebook to let others know what’s up who don’t use Twitter. This works because my Twitter messages automatically update my Facebook status.


So by now, you folks (our dedicated readers) should all be experts enough about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to know that you NEED someone to manage it for your business full-time if you are to be successful and that it cannot be achieved purely by automated programming by ‘your web guy’s WYSIWYG’ editor with ‘meta tag fields’.

With this hefty knowledge in your belt, I’m pretty sure that many of you are soon realizing that you also need someone to manage your social media networking profiles to help leverage traffic to your websites that is much more targeted. This can be achieved by creating and posting often in groups about your content and by having fan pages promoting your brand, website and products.

It really doesn’t end there, or EVER. This ongoing work would be achieved by testing out which social networks respond best to clients (as we all know each client is unique and will require a unique SMO(Social Media Optimization) solution that will target their userbase).


How can this affect the rest of the world? check out this article about global social media and translation of content to different languages such as Japanese. If your products or services can be sold internationally then you may be very interested in looking globally down the road, or in the near future to expand your territories beyond the national borders.


7 thoughts on “What is social media optimization? and why are people asking me to tweet?
  1. Dom says:

    When I saw Twitter in theaters it was so loud. Great movie though.

    Helen Hunt is really when of those people who can look good when crazy wind, rain, and rubble are hit’n her up. Besides that…eeehhh, not so sure.

  2. Emin says:

    Thanks for the article Aaron. I recently signed up with Twitter and immediately realized how powerful it is for my blog. Such a simple model but very creative and useful. Why didn’t I think of it years ago!

  3. Gina says:

    Twitter is still on my to do list, but I’m going to get around to it. Thanks Aaron, great article!

  4. kmoth says:

    I have been curious for awhile now about the importance and relevance of “twittering”. i don’t have a blog myself but after reading this article i have a much better understanding about this whole twitter concept. when i do start that blog, twittering will definitely be on my list of to-dos.

  5. Mike Stone says:

    Dom, I have to totally agree with you. Helen Hunt looked great in Cast Away, but only in that one scene at the end of the movie when Tom Hanks finally got off the island, came back home only to find her married to Dr. Spalding (what was that all about anyways!!??) and then made out with her in the rain.

  6. I find Twitter’s increased popularity extremely interesting. I like the idea of keeping in touch with your friends and acquaintances but I almost feel that users can be too connected, especially with respect to message updates at odd hours, etc. Very informative blog Aaron, great job!

  7. Nice post, Aaron. I’m finally using Twitter and it’s fun!

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