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When you picture challenging the status quo and shaking things up, what do you think of? Maybe an underdog fighter in the ring taking on an established champ? Or a disruptive company like Airbnb upending the whole hotel industry? Maybe you’re thinking of your own personal successes when you’ve taken on a challenge and won, or maybe you’re thinking as big as revolution. Whatever the case may be, being a challenger probably means a lot of different things to you.

Here at Wpromote, we’ve integrated that idea into the very core of who we are. It’s why our slogan is Think Like A Challenger. We want all our employees, clients, and partners to not just challenge their industries and the people around them to work harder, better, and smarter – we want each person in the Wpromote family to be able to challenge themselves and come out stronger.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our 30 Days A Challenger campaign. For the next 30 days, we’ll be sharing what Thinking Like A Challenger means to us and to our clients through blog posts from our talented and dedicated managers. We’ll also be taking social media by storm with our hashtag, #ThinkLikeAChallenger, to share even more stories about successes personal and professional! Finally, we’ll be running a weekly podcast dedicated to the challenges Wpromote has helped our clients and partners overcome. We’re ready to show you what being a Challenger Agency means to us, and we hope you’ll get into the Challenger mindset, too.

Can’t get enough of the Challenger excitement? Sign up for our updates to get all the latest on 30 Days A Challenger. In the meantime, check out our Challenger page to learn more about what it means to take on the titans and win. While you’re there, watch our Challenger video starring Bob Schwartz, Vice Chairman of Wpromote and founder of Nordstrom.com as well as former president of Magento. You can also find it on our YouTube page!

Wpromote is The Challenger Agency, which means we’re unafraid to push the envelope in pursuit of innovation and push ourselves to achieve more each day. Go on this journey with us and discover what it means to #ThinkLikeAChallenger!


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