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In honor of a summer filled with great superhero movies (The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man so far), which will conclude with the sure to be epic The Dark Knight Rises, I thought we should take a look at a new web series which just recently debuted at last week’s San Diego Comic Con.

To best explain the new superhero themed web series, Save the Supers, from the mind of Sandeep Parikh, (The Guild actor and The Legend of Neil creator), watch this brief interview of Merman…I mean Sandeep…I mean…oh just watch!

Save the Supers Clip At Comic-Con
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Save the Supers was actually written many years ago by Sandeep Parikh and Ben Benjamin. The Office meets superheroes show was actually put together before the Steve Carell Office had aired, according to Benjamin. The idea of a comedy documentary-esk show (with a hint of ridiculous superheroes) was very fresh but put on the back burner for many years due to various timing issues and the fact that television networks were not willing to take a chance on the yet proven style of show. Thankfully, after a series of web series successes involving Sandeep, the project was re-tweaked by Sandeep, Ben and story consultant Josie Kavadoy, re-pitched as a web series and given the green light.

Though only one (or two possibly) episodes of Save the Supers have been made available on My Damn Channel, I have been lucky enough to view several future episodes. As the series progresses, the writing (Ben Benjamin and Sandeep Parikh) gets stronger and stronger and the cast begins to carve out their over the top characters, making for a very fun viewer experience. Playing in a world of superheroes proves to be internet comedy gold…gold bedazzled with goofy costumes, real world problems and internet sensation guest appearances. Check-out the first episode of Save the Supers below and make sure to subscribe to My Damn Channel for all future episodes!

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