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Are you looking to waste a little time at work? Of course not! But if you were…

Check out the PBS web series, Off Book.

Off Book is a web-original series from PBS that explores cutting edge art, the artists that make it and the people that share it online.” – YouTube Channel Description

Every other Wednesday a new video goes up which is no longer than 10 minutes. Last Wednesday’s video, Lego Art (posted below), featured artist who work with Lego to make portraits, stop animation videos and other forms of creative eye candy. The episode before that, Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity, features the world of iconic character illustrations by fans; and the episode before that is about The Art of Film & TV Design specifically title and credit sequences.

PBS Off Book is a web series that should be subscribed to by anyone with eyes in their head and art in their heart. Also, your eyes must work. Sorry blindies…not that you can see this post.



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