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I wanted to be the person who drove the ice-cream truck. Some children set their goals at becoming astronauts or entertainers, but the coolest thing I could think of doing was being the guy who could eat ice-cream all day. Jake “the Snake” ice-creme sandwich on a stick? Yes, please. Ninja Turtles’ Face ice-cream treat? I’ll take two (Mikey and Leo…am I right?!)!

Like many other people, as I grew older I started understanding that reaching some tough goals would require taking chances with the possibility of failure. That fear of not being able to eat enough ice-cream treats a day and still having enough in stock to make a living set me on a path of having a safer career in online advertising. The fear of failure actually kept me from even trying.

Today’s Wednesday Web Series, Failure Club, asks the questions:

“What if you could remove fear from your pursuit of happiness? What would be the one thing you would change about your life? Would you do it?”

Produced by Morgan Spurlock, (“Super Size Me”), Failure Club consists of a small group of individuals who help motivate each other into achieving goals such as starting a company, getting a blue ribbon in a Horse Riding competition, creating a hit song or creating a clothing line. The goals seem easy enough to set but actually doing them ends up becoming quite emotional, expensive and stressful to the participants.

In a specific episode (28) with Liz, a woman trying to start her own handyman company, she finds out that just because she has created 3,000 beautiful postcard mailings there is no guarantee that anyone will respond to them. She hopes for a return of 3% but becomes a bit frustrated when her return is much smaller. This occurrence even leads to Liz questioning her goal of achieving a huge number of clients by a certain point. In episode 37,  Spurlock and the group of participants remind her that no goal is crazy. Liz has to stop thinking about if she will succeed and start understanding that she just must keep moving forward without the fear of failure. The way the group helps her through a mini emotional crisis will have you thinking about starting your own smile factory. It’s very sweet.

Oh, and episode 34, where Elizabeth plays music in public for the first time, is painful to watch. You become so embarrassed for her that you’ll turn away from the screen in embarrassment. Fortunately, you’ll soon turn back when Elizabeth makes the wonderfully courageous decision to not give up and try playing at another open-mike night. This time…successfully.

Failure Club is a wonderful web series because it inspires views to follow their dreams and attack goals head-on…no matter what. It’s like “The Biggest Loser”, but less overweight people.

Each episode is no longer than 6 minutes and I guarantee you you will have a hard time watching just one at a time. New episodes premier every Monday and Friday on Yahoo! Screen. Watch, enjoy and the next time you see an ice-cream truck drive by…look for me.


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