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If you’re a true Whovian you already have your Saturday night planned out: feed your cats while listening to the most recent Nerdist podcast, clean your figurines mounted throughout your home and then sit and wait to watch the Doctor Who season 7 series premier: Asylum of the Daleks. If you are not a Whovian, then you can Dalek my balls!

Back to you true Whos…if you are incredibly anxious for the season premier and cannot wait for Saturday, I recommend checking out the new mini web series Pond Life. Pond Life does 2 things: (1) show the Pond’s (Amy and Rory) life when their not with the Doctor, and (2) the web series shows quick clips of Doctor Who Season 7. The episodes are pretty short, but they do enough to hold Whovians over until this Saturday (September, 1st), when Doctor Who season 7 premiers! Three episodes of Pond Life have already been released, but 1 comes out tomorrow (Thursday) and the final episode shows on Friday, so you’re not too late to catch up with the Ponds and the Doctor Whoniverse in general.

Check out the preview of “Asylum of the Daleks,” the Doctor Who season 7 premier episode (below), and make sure to check in to Pond Life today, tomorrow and Friday!


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