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Reality television programming is taking away time slots from original programming. There are funny, dramatic and suspenseful television shows that we will never get to witness because we have to watch groups of people travel around the world quickly while occasionally sling-shotting watermelons at knight’s armor. Personally, I would rather watch the next “Futurama,” “Firefly” or “Awake.”

Fortunately, there are many creative minds who feel the same way as I do, and some of those creators have recently used the unlimited time slot space of the internet to give us the web series, Burning Love.

Starring Ken Morino of “Party Down” and “Veronica Mars” fame, Burning Love is a web series spoof of the “Bachelor” that will have you becoming that annoying co-worker who randomly laughs every 20 seconds at their computer screen. Morino plays Mark, a firefighter bachelor looking for someone “beautiful, smart, maybe ethnic.” He has to choose from a quirky group of women, from a range of accurately assigned professions, which viewers may recognize from movies and television shows (such as the canceled aforementioned “Veronica Mars”). The celebrity cameos are very fun and the web series itself is wonderfully packaged in nice under 10 minute segments.

As the show’s Yahoo Screen channel suggests, Burning Love is “The Most Romantic Web Series That Will Ever Be.” Check out the first episode below!

Warning! Burning Love does contain adult languages and situations. Watch when your boss isn’t near by.



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