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When I was younger, and my group of friends expanded from just guys to both girls and guys, I participated in a few…games. I may have spun a bottle or two, and it may have actually landed on a girl or two, and believe it or not she may have actually kissed me just before she swore to never play again. Because she loved it! Hey-o!


I may have chosen a dare or two, and I may have been dared to kiss a girl or two, and believe it or not she may have actually kissed me just before she swore to never play again. Because she loved it! Hey-o!

I submit to you these stories of my mastery over women so that you can truly be baffled when I tell you that I have never played 7 Minutes in Heaven. I knew of it, but it just never seemed to come up at bible study or other get-togethers. Once I did get locked in my parents’ dark closet as a small child. When I was finally found/released the lighted room informed me that my parents were not killers with bald heads in bags, but rather they were bowlers. That double, triple bullet wound, head experience was the closest I came to 7 Minutes in Heaven…until now!

Thanks to Mike O’Brien, of Saturday Night Live, I now know what goes on during 7 Minutes in Heaven: Celebrities are interviewed, asked to participate in mini dramas, asked to make calls on cell phones to mothers, and asked to participate in many other goofy questions and actions just before the moment of make-out. Celebrity interviews are great on comedy talk shows, awkward between Two Ferns and necessary on CNN when someone dies; but they are never as smile inducing and giggle generating as when they are done from within a closet.

Find out for yourself by watching a few 7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien interviews. I recommend starting with either the Jon Hamm (posted below), Paul Rudd or Jeff Goldblum episode. Have fun!


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