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Welcome to our special edition of Viral Video Wednesday. Wpromote will be out of the offices for Thanksgiving, but we’ll leave you with the best Thanksgiving videos. Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Schoolhouse Rock – No More Kings
Memories from Saturday morning…

Viral Video Film School: People Eating Weird Things
Think your aunt’s cooking is still bad?

The Sexy Pilgrim
Hide your wives, daughters, and sisters…here comes the Sexy Pilgrim!

The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler
No intro needed.

Thanksgiving Comedy

There are no chickens in stand up comedy.


3 thoughts on “Viral Video Wednesday!
  1. Adria says:

    Turkey Lurkey Loo!

  2. Dan Pacifico says:

    these videos are better than the PETA commercial i watched haha i little more uplifting

  3. Ryan says:

    Man, where would we be without schoolhouse rock?

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