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HOGWARTS: Which House Are You?


Which Hogwarts House would you wind up in if you were to have the sorting hat placed on your head? Are you a brave Gryffindor, an ambitious Slytherin, smart Ravenclaw or a  two-thumbed Hufflepuff? Watch this comedic clip in celebration of the Harry Potter craze to see what makes this young wizard worthy of being a Hufflepuff.

First Ever Animated Tattoo – By K.A.R.L.


You might want to avoid this if you’re squeamish around needles, but it’s well worth looking at a tattoo in progress to see this cool experiment. Paris tattoo artist, K.A.R.L., uses a scan tag tattoo to integrate a YouTube animation with a real tattoo on the scared looking Marco. Also, viewers who watched the tattooing through a live feed on Facebook, have their comments included on the side of the video itself. Could this scan tag tattoo combination open the possibility of integrating our social media lives with our physical realm?? Let’s hope not, but still cool as a fun YouTube video.

X[STAGE – GALAXY S II] Stage – talent is everywhere


This ultimate talent show announcement sparks people’s interest with showy displays of talent. This can either serve to inspire gifted viewers to enter or get people pumped up about the amount of videos that will soon pour in! The idea of a shared and totally open to enter talent show complied under one competition and one YouTube channel is an exciting idea. However, the one limiting factor, that you film it on a Motorola phone will certainly be a strong advertising undertone. It’ll be exciting to see what cool videos pop up from this and how much of the generated traffic actually translates into Motorola sales.

CAN’T HUG EVERY CAT — a song about loving cats


The Gregory Brothers are at it again! What more appropriate way to celebrate the Vietnamese year of the cat than a Youtube video combining all our favorite cat videos into one?! Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, the eHarmony cat lover and many more are featured in this video. All we have to say is… Cat lover OVERLOAD!


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