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Whole Foods Parking Lot


Ever tried rhyming the words humboldt fog and quinoa? It is possible, as this video proves.  This mocking portrayal of the real life drama of a Whole Foods grocery-run has made this a hilarious viral video hit. This comic rap tells the story of the stressful perks to food shopping such as no parking, tiny carts, annoying customers and long lines. Can you relate?

Can I Be Your Friend?


Have you ever really thought about your online life in literal terms? What does it really mean to “poke someone”, “follow someone” or “like someone”? If these terms were used outside of the online world would they still be accepted? Check out this viral video showing people’s reaction to combining real-life with online lifestyles.

T-Mobile Angry Birds Live


This viral video takes place in Barcelona, Spain and with no language the video shows pedestrian trying to figure out how the Angry Birds game on the T-Mobile phone relates to the elaborate set around them. Before long the addicting game draws in a crowd of hundreds. The globally popular game and the shared experience of fun then become associated with T-Mobile, its “biggest range of smartphones” and its “Life is for sharing” slogan.

Search by Image


This video is simple and straightforward, but that’s all it has to be. This innovation to Google search speaks for itself and the explanation in the video gives the viewer all the tools to start using this new capability.  Once the public knows how to use the image search they can realize for themselves how cool it is and will no doubt start using it if it really is as effective as the commercial makes it seem.


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