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Google Chrome: Dear Sophie


Grab a tissue everyone! Technology can be tear-jerking! This is a video sponsored by Google Chrome and covers a few heartfelt years of a sentimental father. The archaic photo album has nothing on this!

My Social Tattoo


This is one dedicated friend. Who would’ve thought that a montage of profile defaults could be considered body art? Facebook as artistic inspiration? Do you “Like”?

The Roast of Facebook


Social media websites have taken over, where conversations, ideas, and events spread faster than they did in the halls of your high school. While this isn’t as racy as the roast of Hugh Heffner or David Hasslehoff, it’s a somewhat factual animated take on the lives of the 21st centuries web-based social media platforms. Guess it’s only a matter of time before Myspace is lost in social media hierarchy, where Facebook rules the kingdom.

Before & After Ronaldo: Nike Soccer


After nearly twenty years with the Brazilian National Team, Ronaldo left his permanent mark on the game of football. Nike reminds us how his speed, strength and unmatched ball skills set standards higher than ever for the upcoming generation of soccer players worldwide.


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