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Rebecca Black – Friday (Official Video)


13-year-old Rebecca Black is this week’s Charlie Sheen with her viral hit “Friday.”  Now, we’re not one to judge… so we’ll just let you watch for yourself (if you haven’t seen it already).  And if 15 million + hits wasn’t enough, this Internet sensation had an interview today (yup, on Friday) on Good Morning America. Whether you love it or hate it, just remember, “It’s Friday, Friday!”

Honk for Japan!


“There’s a lot of support in LA, and I hope wherever you are, you can support as well.”  YouTube vlogger Ryan Higa has found a very creative (and very generous) way to help the people of Japan.  With more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has been able to raise more than $2,000 in just 4 days.  For every million viewers this video receives, Higa will donate $600 to the Red Cross.  Every donation counts, and yours is just a click away!  So everyone watch and share!

Mike Tyson, Angry Birds and the iPad 2


Are you addicted to Angry Bird?  Do you spend all hours of your day on your iPad (or if you’re one of the lucky firsts… the iPad 2)?  Well this vice can be cured with a little help from Mike Tyson himself!  How convenient that this video was posted the same day the iPad 2 was released. Hmm…


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