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Japanese McDonald’s Commercial


Apparently Spongebob is a big deal in Japan, because these kids went NUTS!  You can’t help but laugh, but also ask yourself “What exactly is in their Happy Meals?”  We wonder how they’d react if Justin Bieber was included in their Happy Meal?  We don’t even want to know…

Art Project – Preview


Want to visit the Louvre but don’t have the funds?  No need to spend a fortune on a trip to Paris, now all you need is an Internet connection.  Adapting the “street view” technology, Google Art Project allows visitors inside 17 museums around the world, with 1,000 works of art by more than 400 artists.  Want to impress the ladies with some art knowledge?   Google has got you covered (naturally).

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force


With one of the most anticipated television events coming up, companies have paid big bucks to land a spot in this year’s Super Bowl.  This past week, Volkswagen strategically released their commercial on YouTube.  The video was an instant viral hit, with 1.7 million views since the release.   Not only is the pint sized Darth Vader the cutest thing ever, but the new features in the all-new 2012 Passat are pretty impressive.  So what will you be watching this weekend—the Super Bowl or Star Wars? May the force be with you!

If Websites Were TV Shows


What do you think about QVC meets Craigslist? Or what if Bob Ross hosted a show illustrating the perfect 4Chan caption? The folks from College Humor have an idea of what these websites would look like if they were televised. Would you watch them?


One thought on “Viral Video Friday!
  1. Joe Nguyen says:

    For the happy meals, they must put something in the burger meats.

    The volkswagon one is definitely a top pick. It was interesting to see internet savvy people get sneak peak previews online before they hit the Superbowl.

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