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Filmography 2010


With less than 2 weeks left of 2010, it’s the time of year were we begin to reminisce on the good, the bad, and the ugly.  While hundreds of 2010 montages have circulated throughout the web (including Google’s Zeitgeist 2010), this video stuck out the most this week featuring 270 films in 6 minutes.  Despite your opinions of which movies were the best of this year, we’re sure you’ll think this video is pretty awesome.

Introducing Word Lens


Quest Visual has just introduced a new app for the iPhone called Word Lens that instantly translates printed words from one language to another with the built in video camera— in real time! Bet this app will come in handy if you’re thinking about backpacking around a foreign country.  The Word Lens app is free to download, but with a fee of $5 for each dictionary.  Rosetta Stone has got some competition!

Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation


It took 3 animators 3 days to create what looks to be an amazing presentation using nothing but Google Docs. Yet another new and exciting way to use technology,  what will your next work presentation look like?

Look out Montell Jordan


Holiday party stories are the best, but they’re even better when they’re documented.  This past weekend, Wpromote celebrated a great year with some laughs, a few drinks, and whole lot of dancing.  But the highlight of the night definitely goes to our very own Michael Block bringin’ old school back with some Montell Jordan!  As you can see from the video… this is how we do it!


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