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The New Facebook Profile


Early this week, Facebook redesigned the layout to user profiles, which now features a profile banner, infinite photo scrolling, and much more.  You may have seen it in your recent Facebook news feed- “John Doe and 16 other friends now have the new profile.” Once again, Facebook attempts to improve user interaction and highlight relevant information.  Do you have the new profile yet?

NZT- The Clear Pill


The marketing team for new Bradley Cooper film “Limitless” has just released a viral video featuring a pill that claims to enhance superior intelligence and success.  This ad seems all-too-real that greatly resembles those pharmaceutical infomercials that we all see on TV and leaves us wanting to know more.  Side effects may include: paralysis, psychosis, amnesia, extreme sexual appetite, brain damage irreversible coma homicidal blackouts and sudden death.  Oh, no biggie… anything to live like Bradley Cooper, right?

La Senza presents ‘The Cup Size Choir”


Well, if music lessons were this interesting, we would probably have a few more Mozart’s and Beethoven’s in the world.  La Senza has cleverly made a correlation between bra cup sizes and musical notes- with The Cup Size Choir.  Now, the real question is if they are missing their target demographic- you be the judge. Happy Holidays from The Cup Size Choir!

* Please note that this content has been flagged as inappropriate for some users- so proceed with care.

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review


With the New Year approaching, 2010 would not be complete without a recap of this year’s top stories.  Google looks at the year in searches, summing it all up in less than 3 minutes.  2011, hope you’re ready!


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